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Posterus360‘s Virtual Fairs is a complete digital full HD 3D exhibition and trade fair complex.

The architectural design contains real buildings with the highest quality, as well as futuristic classic parts,
harbor for Yacht designers, aerospace and automotive spaces, Fine Art & Antiques, and much more.

The buildings can be placed in any city or country, giving as well a full 360 view of the surrounding locations.

That way all the participants will have the opportunity of a worldwide exhibition. Where each building
offers 8 halls of 5000m², harbor for 150+ yachts with a total of 60 000m² exhibition space.

Craft your eternal story

Reserve one of the booths available at the virtual museum for only 100 € per linear meter and let the whole world know your outtake on life! Also, you can use Stripe to make the online payment and you’re done!

world of crete

Available experiences

The Safe Earth

The common ground for all of us, the security of a familiar space. The Earth’s power stands in its peace and tranquility, in its ability to outlive us all-just like art. Leave your mark in this virtual Earth so that it will stand the test of time.

Mars landing

Dynamic, powerful, rising through the most difficult times. Embark on a Mars Landing as never-done-before and share the energy of your art with the rest of the galaxy.


The Moon's story

Just as the Moon symbolises constant change, art is never linear, it always evolves and transforms with time. If your art accentuates this message, sign up for your virtual booth down below and start your moonwalk!

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8 floors packed with art, yachts, aerospace, design and much more

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Through art, a unique story is told, a new perspective is brought to life. Museums, art galleries, exhibitions: all of these places form a universe of culture and offer an opportunity of growth. In an ever-changing world, the spark of art can sometimes be overlooked. But in a virtual reality, where it’s only you and the piece of art, where there’s no disturbance, a connection that defies all norms is born.

And you become immortal!

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